Friday, 10 September 2010

365 ways to avoid personal development © A humorous look at Mind, Body and Spirit

Stay seperate. Always identify with the false mind made self, the ego part which encourges you to judge, blame, defend and criticise. It is of great importance that you listen intently to ego driven thoughts to increase that connection and identification with the false self and further entrench your mind in incessant opinionated chatter.
This will keep you occupied for enormous portions of your day, arguing, condemning and comparing, making judgements about others based on what you perceive to be irritating or just plain wrong.
"He is driving like an idiot."
"She's a terrible Mother."
"Her manners are despicable."
"They did this to me."
You can clearly see the necessity of this preoccupation with thought, it allows you to avoid looking within at the space between thought, where the present exists as being or awareness or presence.

Hugs, Allan

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