Thursday, 16 September 2010

365 ways to avoid personal development © A humorous look at Mind, Body and Spirit

Avoid GOAL SETTING. University studies carried out in the 1970s by Harvard University showed that students who set goals were 97% more likely to attain them than those who did not. Once again it seems very clear that if you stick with the decision to avoid personal growth or self improvement then goal setting is taboo.
Lewis Carroll's words are to be remembered here "If you don't know where you're going any road will get you there", stick with this adage, it is a quote that should never be far from your thoughts.
Some of the greatest achievers and thinkers of our time new that goal setting could bring about change, but they had lots of spare time on their hands.
Goal Setting is a very cruel way of keeping you focused and preoccupied with something that's never going to happen. It was devised to annoy and distract us from Eastenders and X-Factor . If you wish to set goals of any kind this should be restricted to organising the minutiae of family holidays or shopping trips.
Always focus on what you don't want, do not focus on Goals, hopes, dreams or aspirations for any length of time this could lead to subconsciously drawing your goals to you and create unwanted change.
For the most part, allow all your thoughts free unchallenged reign to govern your actions and responses, this way you can carry on blindly into the undefined future.
Hugs, Allan
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