Tuesday, 21 September 2010

What's the downside to getting everything you want?

It's widely known that many people are afraid of failure and will ditch many of their hopes and dreams because they fear failure and all that accompanies it. Loss of respect, loss of dignity, loss of self confidence and belief, loss of money, starting over again and on and on.
What many people fail to realise is that an incredibly large percentage of folk suffer from a fear of SUCCESS and all that it means. When I talk about this subject with Coaching Clients or in a Workshop situation, there are often gasps of disbelief and shakes of heads. It can be a challenge to prove this point but not impossible.
Everyone, at least on the surface, would say that they are more than ready to embrace success and all that it brings,but are they?
One single limiting belief about success is all it takes to derail the grandest plans. One single negative subconscious thought about succeeding is all it takes to have you continually treading the mill and repeating the same process over and over again. Only you can decide what success means in each area of your life, relationships, money, career, health etc all have your own personal perspective and as such only you can declare what you want or wish to be, do or have in each.
Here is one way to uncover the blockage and unearth some new thinking.
Ask yourself  "What is the downside to having everything the way I want it?"
Don't just gloss over this question, really think it through, then you will find one or more reasons why you may be finding it difficult to achieve your SUCCESS.
eg I'll have to work harder
My friends won't like me
He''ll think I'm being selfish
Not enough time
People will take advantage of me
I'll lose control
I need to be different and change etc
Once these thoughts are brought to the surface and you are aware of them, then it's time to eliminate them by carefully undermining them and creating new affirmitive, supportive thoughts which will enable you to move in the direction of your Goals more freely.
Hugs, Allan

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