Tuesday, 16 November 2010

In the beginning

It's been over 10 years since I started this particular chapter of my life, a chapter that has brought many changes, most created consciously, some attracted subconsciously.
Let me explain:
I had to change, I knew I wanted something more from life as opposed to what I was receiving or creating back then. I was stressed, anxious, angry and irresponsible, every one else was to blame for any and all my predicaments and challenges. My mind was in a whirl, no direction and absolutely no idea how to get there.
Change came in stages and still does, it's a lifetime journey, not a weekend event. Most people want instant results, they want a dream to come true, a desire, an outcome, to be, do, and have something that they currently are not being, doing or having, and are prepared to just dream ocassionally until the left logical reasoning side of the brain raises it's doubtful voice and interjects with all the negative reasons in the world "why" you can't. It takes commitment of thought, it requires brain training, it means raising awareness, it means self study, it means constant feedback and learning.
Is it worth it? Personally, I wouldn't go back to my old "stinking thinking" habits, I love the new life outlook and perspective that I have, I love the endless possibilities, the opportunities, the learning, the feedback. I love the renewed confidence, higher self-esteem, I love the new friends I've met along the way.
Most of all, I love the opportunity to communicate my lessons and experiences to help others overcome their life challenges and embrace limitless possibilities of their own.
If there is one piece of advice I could offer to anyone thinking that there is something more to life but they do not know where to start, it is this. "Your success in life is not based upon what has happened in the past but what can happen in the future" Unknown.
Your life is just that, your life, to do with as you wish, encumbered only by your own limitations.

Hugs, Allan


  1. Great Post! Yes it takes commitment and time. We cannot expect to magically change ourselves or others. I have read that we can change a habit in 21 days - that is 21 days of commitment, not wishful thinking. And if trying to change several bad habits it is going to take time, and practice.

  2. Wonderful post.I enjoyed reading it and i agree with you that it takes time and commitment.