Thursday, 5 August 2010

Contraction and Expansion

Contraction and Expansion
I've slowed down recently on all fronts including work, It seems that there are many things to be done and much is needing attended to, but I'm enjoying the pace at present and to be quite truthful I think it has released a lot of stress which had built up over the past year. I've been non stop and pushed myself tirelessly to get ahead.
This may be the calm before the storm because I have many plans in the pipeline for the coming year and I'm very excited about that.
The recent lull has provided time to read up and catch up on many of my interests, it has also allowed me time to meditate, programme and goal set. Too much external stimulation in the business world had resulted in not enough internal care and time to soothe and nurture my mental ethos.
It feels like a period of contraction which will lead to expansion and I am thrilled at the prospect.

Hugs, Allan