Friday, 6 August 2010

What would you change?

It's taken some time to get everything organised and really feel that I'm giving my all to my passion of assisting others to live full and self empowered lives, free from the restriction of labels, limiting beliefs, judgements, ego driven insanity and all manner of mind games, self invoked or cast.
This is all I ever wanted, all I ever dreamed of, but was not aware of for many years. My early life was spent in the East End of Glasgow learning not to expect too much. Keep your head down, don't upset the apple cart, be seen and not heard, big boys don't cry and money doesn't grow on trees etc. The media also play an incredible part in our perception of self, I learned from an early age that "I was not meant to succeed", "I was under priviliged", "I came from a deprived area". Not one of these statements, and countless others throughout the years is true, unless I give them truth.
The false mind made self that we call "I" or "me" needs examined in order to uncover the genius within. We all have it, we are sometimes unaware of it.
I offer myself, my family and friends and my clients my genius, my light.

Sincerely, Allan