Monday, 20 September 2010

Successfully Failing

A successful Bank President about to retire was interviewed by the media and was asked
"To what do you owe your great success?"
He thought for a moment and answered "That's easy really, it was all down to good decisions"
The interviewer proceeded and asked "What were your good decisions based on?"
The Banker pondered for a moment and said "I put it down to the wisdom gained from experience mostly"
The interviewer pressed for more and asked "Where did that expeience come from?"

The Banker replied quickly and in an instant and said "That's easy to answer. Bad decisions"

So it should be with life. Too many times we get a bad result and feel as though we've failed, our confidence takes a dent and we give up too quickly, our hopes and dreams die and we settle for second best.
We didn't learn to accept failure as a means to learning and improving, we tend to accept defeat in a venture too readily instead of using the feedback to adjust and build toward our chosen outcome.
Failure, as I see it, is a degree of success, part of the journey on a great big learning curve.

"Defeat in a venture should be regarded as a challenge, just as an obstacle should be seen as a disguised opportunity. Adversity should make us even more determined to succeed." Unknown

Hugs, Allan

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