Wednesday, 29 September 2010

What's the upside to keeping everything as it is?

Last week I asked "What's the downside to getting everything you want? This week I'm asking "What's the upside to keeping everything as it is?
You can avoid organising for the future.
You can continue to procrastinate.
You can continue to blame external circumstances (government, spouse, friends)
Continued inaction.
You can get to laze around.
No need to apply yourself.
Stay within your comfort zone.
No need to meet new people.
Don't need to think too hard.
Keep same habits etc.
Have another close look at this question and pay attention to what surfaces for you. For many people, I can guarantee that lurking underneath, in unexamined thought, there are countless reasons to remain exactly as you are.
Once again it is only by bringing these thoughts to the surface and adding light to them that you can take action to move by them and initiate steps toward your bigger goals and dreams.

Hugs, Allan

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