Monday, 1 November 2010

Failure way to Success

I know it's hard and very difficult to understand but yes we do have to sometimes get it wrong on our way to getting it right. Seems like a catch 22, especially if your mindset is structured to believe that making mistakes is not a good thing.
Personally, I've made many mistakes and taken some painful wrong turns in my life to date, I would honestly say, yes it is difficult and there have been times when I feel like giving up ever trying anything again. It must be said however, that I don't think I can stop trying the new and unknown, no matter how challenging.
Giving way to the worry and anxiety which rises from standing still, accepting and tolerating what life throws at you and succumbing to lifes twists and turns, and becoming reactionary to life as opposed to creating and building your own destiny also takes guts, some people are happy this way.
Unfortunately the majority of lifes complainers are the very ones who sit back and "wait for God" while bemoaning their lack of fulfilment. Harsh? yes, but that's my experience.
Truth is, we're always off course seeking feedback, just like an airplane. It's our choice if we want to fly or not.

"I'll tell you the guaranteed recipe for success, double your rate of failure" Thomas Watson

Hugs, Allan

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