Monday, 8 November 2010

Excerpt from "Embracing The Law Of Repetitive Contemplation"

I don’t wish to be defeatist or pessimistic so early on in this workbook but experience has taught me that a very large proportion of those who attend Coaching workshops or attend Personal Development seminars rarely stay the course. Staying the course means affecting change and taking action, sometimes over long periods of time, in fact if truth be told over a lifetime.

Many authors, speakers and presenters make big claims and promise to change your life in 7 days, or offer you the most amazing 21 day secret that will unleash your power and catapult you toward the life of your dreams, with cash galore and all the trappings of wealth and status. It’s little wonder that many people feel deflated and look upon themselves as failing when the promises of the package fail to deliver.

I’m not saying don’t dream or think big or search for a better life or approach to life, far from it, I’m advocating that you take all these tools, techniques, modalities, books, seminars and workshops and get committed to action. Consistent, persistent action based on what you have learned.

It does not need to be massive steps or great big leaps of faith. It can be simple, believable realistic steps, so long as you are taking action to affect your changes.

I’m going to partner you through this book and assist you to take forwarding action which is right for you and you alone. Everyone at their own pace. So avoid comparing how you are progressing, it will only weaken you if you share with someone who likes to bite off great big lumps of achievement. There is no right or wrong, just different choices.
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Hugs, Allan
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