Wednesday, 19 January 2011

External Non Sense

There was some doubt as to the exact date but Monday the 17th of January was named as the most depressing day of the year. It's a Monday, it's time for a reality check at the bank account after the Festive overspend, it's still dark and cold for most of the day. Now, I'm not too sure who conducted this survey or the countless previous ones and I don't know who was surveyed. As many of you know, I post many quotes and positive verse which I hope inspires and moves people to action. I noticed that many people contributed their own quotes which were upbeat and positive yesterday and many people mentioned "the depressing day" headline. I noted as the day went on and into the afternoon that more and more people started to take heed of the date and the effect it had on many of the posts thereafter was very noticeable.
This was a very clear indication of how the very great majority of people allow their reality to be affected by external influences and are only too willing to drop their awareness guard to adopt or buy into a created, non existant and very false state of mind which holds no truth for them. In so doing they have unwittingly given away their very own personal power in exchange for a structure which has no truth for them except the meaning they want to give it i.e "the most depressing day" "I must be as depressed and fed up as every one else".
There is no denying that there are life challenges and maybe money and career problems but they existed on Sunday as well as Tuesday. What I'm saying is this, that we attach meaning to everything, we perceive things as we are.
You get to decide how you feel at any time and in any given situation or circumstance, it's that simple. Nothing, and I mean nothing, has any power over you unless you accept it. Or as Og Mandino said
"Nothing external can have any power over you unless you permit it"

Hugs, Allan

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