Friday, 18 February 2011

What Is Your Estimate Of Self? Part 2

Healthy Self Esteem:

Healthy high self esteem is what can best be described as having a high degree of self worth, a high value and respect for ourselves as well as a strong belief in our abilities. We see ourselves as competent and able; we have a positive outlook and a positive attitude toward ourselves and are less anxious about the future. We are confident without being obnoxious and we handle criticism fairly, we assert ourselves without being uncaring to others.


High self esteem is generated from our beliefs about ourselves, which are learned from infancy. It may have come from parental high self esteem or a supportive school climate. Just like low self esteem it affects our decisions and influences our choices throughout life. Having high self esteem is now known to act as a “social vaccine” and can assist us to bounce back and remain upbeat and balanced through troubling times. Nathaniel Brandon P.H.D says “Positive self esteem is the immune system of the spirit, helping an individual face life problems and bounce back from adversity”.

It's visible:

Healthy high self esteem is displayed externally with a strong posture and head and eyes directly in front. There is a vitality and enthusiasm in the body movements with congruency in facial expressions such as a warm friendly smile and a confident glow.

The need for Balance:

Unfortunately having unhealthy high levels of self esteem also known as “high self esteem disorder” can be as detrimental to our life path as low self esteem. It is now widely accepted that many criminals have unrealistically high levels of self esteem which is exhibited as an exaggerated sense of entitlement – expecting much from many situations, including bullying and stealing or placing aggressive demands on others.

Helpful Tips to Follow

Hugs, Allan

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