Monday, 30 April 2012

Creating Your Future History

We have a tendency to think of our goals and successes in terms of an arrival point, a destination, something to be reached. While this is true on the physical plain, that goals are mini platforms or plateaus we reach on the way to bigger life accomplishments, grander destinations. However, It should be understood that when we set goals of any kind we must also consider the goal as having been achieved immediately after it's inception, right here in the now, the journey is only mental and the outcome obtained.

"Continuously contemplate yourself as being surrounded by the conditions you wish to produce" Wayne Dyer

So on a daily, weekly basis you will plan your short term goals, process goals which are smaller chunks of your grander, annual or more, life accomplishment goals. These smaller chunks are action (physical) based daily and weekly. While constantly and persistently visiting your major goals in your imagination (mental) as having been achieved. This is what is meant by "believing is seeing".

"Right now you can use your powerful imagination to assume you are what at the moment your senses and reason deny" Neville Goddard.

You create the mental reality in your imagination and it will become manifest in your physical world.

Hugs, Allan

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