Monday, 2 April 2012

Thought creates after its kind

Thought correlates with its object said Claude M. Bristol in his 1948 book The Magic of Believing. Basically, what we focus our thoughts upon consistently we will bring about in our reality. Habitual thinking patterns and focused attention to any particular subject will assist you to realise its physical equivalent.
For the most part we humans don't really take stock of our thought habits, they just happen in the background and we follow along unquestioningly without conscious attention or examination. So if we have a situation in life that is limiting us or not serving us, it is almost certain that we are honouring unconscious thought patterns or beliefs, following on dutifully without question as to the truth of these recurring thoughts.
To begin a course of action to improve any "challenging" area of our lives, we first must realise that it is our thinking that is the challenge not the situation or environment. Nothing in the Universe has any real meaning except the meaning you give it. Anais Nin said "We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are", it then follows that if we were to look at our world with "new eyes" we would definitely see the world through another perspective, a view of our choosing from the inside out as opposed to "believing what we see" we would then be "seeing what we believe".
Look at what you are thinking, take conscious notice of your thoughts, hear what you're repeating to yourself, remember that it is you who is the thinker, it is your choice to ignore or encourage whatever thoughts you wish to grow and take root. Nurture and expand on positive thoughts of support and encouragement while deleting unsupportive thoughts. It takes effort but once this becomes habitual you will then be creating and manifesting a new improved reality, a true joyful and beautious vision from the inside out.

Hugs, Allan