Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Simple Changes

Recognising that we want something more from life is relatively simple, but it is the simple things that seem to hold us up. We're not used to the answer being right under our noses. We find ourselves in an unhappy situation or our life isn't the way we want it to be, we're not being, doing or having the lifestyle we want. So what do we want? We don't want to stay where we are, that's for sure. So why do so many do exactly that, stay where they are? It doesn't take great leaps of faith or massive effort to bring around subtle and effective change, it takes mental effort, thinking about what we do want and maybe even contrasting our dislikes into their opposites. Once we know where we want to be, we must act first in the mind, in our imagination then adjust to the feeling of having achieved the outcome, then allow our inner mind to guide us in that direction.

Hugs, Allan

Monday, 18 June 2012

Successful Perception

For many, the struggle to find any degree of success and happiness in life seems to be dependent upon who they see themselves as at present, their perception of self seen through old filters, outdated thoughts and beliefs which serve no positive purpose other than to hold them back and create destructive limits. We have to take stock of repeated unsuccessful patterns if we wish to embrace any degree of success in our daily lives. Noticing where we fall short is a beginning and understanding how our thoughts determined that outcome begins to move us in a new direction. It's really not about who you have been in the past but a case of who and what you want to be in the future, and beginning to change your concept of self to line up with that new and altered image.

Hugs, Allan

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Unlearn the past

I'm a great believer that we have much to unlearn in our pusuit of happiness, our desire for a better balance in life. When life isn't providing what we want, we have a tendency to look outside ourselves, but the truth is we are personally responsible for our choices and what we allow or bring into our lives. So when all is not good we have to look within first, this is one of the most painful lessons we can learn and also one of the most beneficial and self empowering. Take a look at what you are thinking in any given situation and notice where you immediately give away your personal power to external influences, learn from this and unlearn the patterns of thought that create the unhappiness.

     Hugs, Allan