Friday, 28 December 2012

What's in a name?

Only last Month, a great leader and icon in the World of Positive Personal Development passed away, Zig Ziglar. When I first came across his work I was distracted by his name, I thought it was way out, made up, just too much. I never found out if it was or not but I did learn that he was smart if not wise and had the incredible ability to get his positive thinking message across with ease and with fun. He was an inspiration and oozed charisma, a larger than life personality who devoted his life to teaching a better way of thinking. Needless to say, his name rolls of my tongue easily now.
Hugs, Allan

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Power of State

Sometimes all it takes is a memory of a place, a smile, an act of gratitude, a beautiful photo or a fantastic song with beautiful words for us to move from a fed up mood or state to something more resourceful, it's all that's required, a little reminder, a gently nudge from our negative state into a more positive and productive state. We change state throughout our day completely unaware that we are doing so whenever we interact with others, or do our chores at home or work. Imagine how much better or indeed invaluable it would be for you if you controlled your state in order that you were at your best at all times or at least when required. This song works for me every time.
Hugs, Allan