Thursday, 12 December 2013

Self support.

I don't think people give themselves enough credit or encouragement for their achievements, large and small. The majority focus far too much on what they didn't achieve or what went wrong. Yes we have to take stock of our mistakes and learn from them but we must also let them go and concentrate our focus on what we are doing well. Encouraging ourselves from inside our own head is essential, we have to build our self support system and recognise our incredible strengths, powers and gifts, and give ourselves deserved praise on our amazing efforts.

Hugs, Allan

Only 3%

It's certainly true that we may end up some place else if we don't aim anywhere specific. The trick to getting somewhere or something is to know what or where we want to be, do or have. So it makes sense to sit down and get particular about these aims/goals/desires. It is said that only 3% of people set goals and that the other 97% are helping them achieve their goals. If you want to take control of your destiny then start writing out your goals then get them vividly supported in imagination. You're now on your way into the goal setting percentage.

Hugs, Allan