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With a Great New Foreword by Lynda Field Life Coach. Lynda Field is the author of 17 self-help books, published by Random House. She has sold over half a million books and her titles have been translated worldwide. Her book, Self-Esteem for Women has been chosen for the prestigious NHS Books on Prescription Scheme.
She has written for many magazines and newspapers, including The Times, Guardian, Telegraph, Express, Mail and Woman and Home and writes a regular life coaching column for My Weekly and Yours.

 "You, like I, have the most incredible capacity and potential to transform your world from within your own mind. It requires nothing more than “right thinking”. It entails no enormous financial cost, just your innate ability to concentrate and take your focus from one set of uncooperative thoughts to those of more positive, solution orientated thoughts."
An excerpt from "The Quick and Tiny Guide to a Great Big Life" Copyright © 2018 by Allan Wilson

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Not getting what you want in life, business, health, relationships? Results varied? Tolerable? Could be better? As a voracious reader and scholar of personal development, mind, body and spirit titles; Self Empowerment and Motivational Life Coach and Presenter, Allan Wilson has brought together some of the most outstanding and powerful self help principles and techniques in one concise and direct guide. This very full and easy to use self help guide will serve as an educational tool and reference to be returned to when needs must for support and encouragement. You will find a veritable “How to?” of the self improvement world within its pages.
The most common mistakes and how to avoid them. Use what you've got right now. Create your own success. Feel your new future.

Mindful Achievement
Get Clear
Elements of Success
The Road Less Travelled
Personal Evolution: Changing Focus
Improve Your Universe
Personal Evolution: Practicing the Dream
Dear Mr Subconscious
The Reticular Activating System
Personal Evolution: Attracting the Good
The False Mind Made Self
Personal Evolution: Letting Go of Holding On
The Search for Gold
Personal Evolution: Uncovering my Gold
Energetic Connections
The Law of Repetitive Contemplation
Money problems?
Career going nowhere?
Stressed and anxious?
No future?

Start NOW to manifest your dreams by Intention.
Strategies to develop your personal success plan for each area of your life including money, career, relationships, health/fitness and business goals.
How to motivate yourself for extraordinary results.

How to stay on track and use YOUR extraordinary creative power.
Develop stronger self-esteem and self confidence.
Create your life by design.
Techniques used by the super achievers
What's held you back and how to create unlimited personal power
Goal set and programme for incredible limitless results

I want to help.

For many years I chased success in its many forms always falling short, never reaching my desired outcomes. It seemed that I would go through life failing, one failure after the other. Then it changed.

For well over 10 years now I've studied the "SECRETS" of success and how the worlds top athletes, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, actors and achievers from every walk of life get what they want, and how they do it.
REMEMBER: these are ordinary people.

The truth is: there is no "SECRET", just simple success laws and principles which YOU can learn and adopt and when applied properly will reap YOU lifelong benefits in every area of your life.

What are people saying?

This is a great value guide which helped me look at what I wanted for me, what I was doing wrong and how to correct it. Don't think because it's a guide it glosses over stuff, it doesn't.
I was really impressed with the full content. It says return to it often for reference, I will.
I particularly enjoyed the examples which came from personal life experience of the author. Recommended.