Hello and Welcome to Success365. Allan is a Passionate Speaker on Human Potential. He is a Personal Development Coach, Teacher and Mentor. He is a Professionally Qualified Life Coach, and the Author of "The Quick and Tiny Guide to a Great Big Life: Embracing The Law of Repetitive Contemplation".

He is a first class Motivator and excels on the subjects of Personal Achievement, Goal Setting and Personal Development. Helping you expose and get beyond the subconscious behaviours and limited belief thinking that gets between you and your achievements.
Born in Scotland and raised in East End of Glasgow, he is able to offer considerable expertise in the world of Personal Development and Self Help. His many skills include Life and Success Coaching and Mentoring as well as Dynamic Motivational Speaking.

Allan connects immediately with his audiences, primarily because he comes from a place of authenticity. He says "I am happy to 'not' be the Tony Robbins type" He has lived a life that is identifiable with and with similar challenges to those with whom he speaks. He tells it like it is (often with a funny expletive). He is humorous and earthy as well as knowledgeable and passionate. He motivates and inspires effortlessly and makes you feel that you too can reach your potential, not by showing how amazing he is, but by showing you how amazing you are. W.A (Scotland)

His Personal Development Training Courses and Presentations are used widely by Organisations such as Department for Work and Pensions, Employability Programmes, Job Centre Plus and Businesses both locally and nationally to build staff/client morale, improve mindfulness, increase confidence, self belief, overcome limited thinking, raise self esteem, personal reliance and self awareness.

These days I spend most of my time in Scotland conducting Workshops, Speaking Engagements Success Coaching and Training to Business, Commercial and Social Enterprise Organisations and Associations.

It wasn't always this way.

For many years I chased “success” in a variety of self-employed roles and businesses. I lived a life out of balance with very little or no fulfilment. These life and business experiences provided me with a great understanding of the challenges that face us as we endeavour to create change and prosper, and I now enable others to re-balance their lives and help accelerate their goals, no matter how challenging the circumstances.

In 2001, I was asked to speak about “success” to students at my former high school and that ignited the spark in me. That "something" that had eluded me, that passion for personal contribution, the desire to make a difference and help others achieve their potential, was unearthed.

I immediately set out to learn and study how to help others to shed their self-limiting beliefs and make positive change happen. This exciting journey has included accredited coach training with two of the countries leading Coach Training Companies and Colleges. Through my training and experience, I've mapped out a personal power plan that empowers individuals to create healthy, productive lives that are self-defined, balanced and successful.

To Your Success,