What People Are Saying

“I've been fortunate to witness the outcome of Allan's numerous skills many times. As a presenter, he is engaging, inspiring and informative. His audiences connect instantly with his storytelling, sense of humour and gentle, caring manner. “  - LJ. Cambridge, Ontario

“Allan is a first class coaching professional who is passionate about the outcomes of his clients and on assisting them to find their own solutions to their challenges. He displays wisdom, compassion and the innate ability to enable clients to discover their own pathways to success. I would recommend Allan to anyone who desires to discover, understand and then apply their inner potential to achieve success." - John F. Reading, UK.

When I attended Allan's Introduction to Life Coaching with my daughter, who is a psychology major at McMaster University, we both found his mild mannered charm easy to listen to as well as readily offering up practical exercises conducted during the seminar that gave instant results!  This is not someone who simply talks the talk, he shows you how to walk the walk and starts doing it in short order.  My daughter not only found his techniques personally useful, but something of value that she might be able to apply professionally in the future to help others.  For those who have the ears to hear and the wish to move positively away from their own personal albatrosses, he is able in a few words to present a perspective that makes one wonder, "Now why haven't I been thinking like this all along?"  He gets right to the core of how we seem to get in our own way, and shows us how to start routing for our own side. K.S. Cambridge, Ontario.

Allan has the unique ability to draw the answer out of you even when you don't know what it is. His questioning techniques are superb, never invasive but always probing to reach the truth. What I enjoyed the most about working with Allan is that he has no agenda, he is just there, ready to facilitate your journey to making successful change when you are ready." B.R. Cambridge, Ontario

Allan has been coaching me now for several months and I can easily see the difference it is making, especially in terms of my career and time management. Coaching calls with Allan always help me to clarify what I want for myself and this puts me into action in achieving it. Allan’s warm and witty way of being creates a safe space to look at what stops me in life and go beyond that. I would recommend coaching with him to anyone.
Barbara G. London. UK.

"Allan is a Life Coach and public speaker. I have seen Allan in action and he is engaging and well versed. When Allan speaks people listen." - Karen C. Toronto, Ontario
Through the coaching sessions I have had with Allan we have worked through a variety of issues from the mundane to the deeply sensitive, and in each session he has dealt with each topic using a delightful mixture of warmth and strength. I feel that this kind of compassion and intuition is borne from the experience of a life well-lived and I am delighted to have benefited from this.While remaining professional Allan also managed to impart a depth of understanding and humour through his voice which provides a safe and confidential environment in which to explore possibilities, find answers and move towards positive outcomes.
I would have no hesitation in providing a reference in the future and wish Allan every success.
Lee C. Twickenham, UK.

"Allan is full of life and is passionate about his vision of a changed world. I have enjoyed working with Allan very much, I have gained much from his insight and honesty. He is genuine and purposeful in his support of his clients and students." J.M. Windsor/Essex, Ontario.

“Enjoyed last night’s presentation very much - I think you covered a lot of important ground over a short period of time, and helped me think about goals I need to set and work towards. Have a great day. Peace to you.” Jeff. Windsor, Ontario
"With Allan’s 'mind opening' questions I was able to see clearly the next steps I was to take. As a self employed Personal Trainer I have enjoyed Allan’s upbeat advice and his straight forward approach to every dilemma' I have found myself in. I always look forward to our skype calls." Ian W. Perth, Scotland

When I first spoke to Allan my head was in a mess – everything whirling about! I was overwhelmed by the pressures on me and couldn’t see a way forward.  Allan helped me during that first session by giving me the opportunity and the space to face each issue of concern in a structured way. This enabled me to make progress.
Allan was (and is) supportive at all times, however he did not let me off the hook! Through gentle but determined questioning he dragged me out of my comfort zone and helped me find solutions. Allan is completely non-judgemental which, for me, was essential.
From Allan I have learned a process which enables me to move forwards. He has helped to unlock the capacity within me to be the solution to my own problems – I have the answers! This is very empowering and has given me confidence and a genuine sense of control over my own life and future. I live very consciously now, aware that things just don’t happen to me - more often that not I make a choice. I feel that in some ways I have become my own life coach.
I have set myself three very ambitious goals for this year…goals that I have been thinking about for a very long time but have done nothing about. This has changed; I am actively working towards these goals now! Who knows if I will achieve all of my goals but I know that I will achieve success because I will learn and I will grow and I will try.

Allan has changed the way I think. Thank you Allan!
A.B Scotland