Presentations are energetic and invigorating aimed at assisting you achieve peak performance in everything you do. Benefit from these sessions whether you are applying the Success Principles at home, at work or as a part of your existing organisation or business.

Allan connects immediately with his audiences, primarily because he has walked the talk. He hasn't scaled Everest or sailed round the World single handed, no, but he has lived a life that is identifiable with and with similar challenges to those with whom he speaks. He tells it like it is (sometimes with a funny expletive). He is humorous and earthy as well as knowledgeable and passionate. He motivates and inspires effortlessly and makes you feel that you too can reach your potential, not by showing how amazing he is, but by showing you how amazing you are. W.A (Scotland)

You were created for EXTRAORDINARY
  • Life not giving you what you want?
  • Burdened with life challenges?
  • Money problems?
  • Career going nowhere?
  • Stressed and anxious?
  • No future?
  • Start NOW to manifest your dreams by Intention.
  • strategies to develop your personal success plan for each area of your life including money, career, relationships, health/fitness and business goals.
  • how to motivate yourself for extraordinary results.
  • how to stay on track and use YOUR extraordinary creative power.
  • develop stronger self-esteem and self confidence.
  • creating your life by design.
  • techniques used by the super achievers
  • what's held you back and how to create unlimited personal power
  • your personal success equation and how to use it
  • goal set and programme for incredible limitless results

Business and Organisation Rates Available on Request.

What People Are Saying

Hi Everyone, I would like to say a massive thank you on behalf of all the young people of St Andrew’s Secondary who had the opportunity to participate in the session which took place during the month of May. Over 130 young people attended over the month.
The energy brought to the event made such a difference to our young people and I know this will definitely play a large part in assisting these young people in reaching their aspirational goals.

Thank you from me personally for making my job an easier one by coming forward to support and benefit the young people of St Andrew’s Secondary.

Thank you again,

“I've been fortunate to witness the outcome of Allan's numerous skills many times. As a presenter, he is engaging, inspiring and informative. His audiences connect instantly with his storytelling, sense of humour and gentle, caring manner. “ - LJ. Cambridge, Ontario

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"Allan is a Life Coach and public speaker. I have seen Allan in action and he is engaging and well versed. When Allan speaks people listen." - Karen C. Toronto, Ontario

Success365 Presentations and Workshops are delivered and conducted by Allan Wilson. On some occasions guest speakers are introduced to talk on related subject matter. Ask about our flexible programmes and rates. Details upon request.